AUNA Euroclub Ukraine Round Table event!

Do you want to share your opinion on the current situation in Ukraine? Are you interested in knowing what other young people have to say on that regard, or eager to hear different perspectives on the matter?

AUNA Euroclub is hosting a thematic debate on the current situation in Ukraine. The event will be hosted at the EU Centre on Mashtots ave this Saturday 17th May from 2 pm to 4 pm. The discussion will be introduced by a group of young panelists Suren Avetisyan ( Co-director at International Development Area NGO, International Affairs Analyst), Raffi Elliott (Blogger and Political commentator focusing on political and economic developments in Eastern Europe and Caucasus) and Sos Avetisyan (Regional Master Programme in Human Rights and Democratization). We will then open the floor to comments and questions from the audience. This event is organized and lead by young people for other young people, in the framework of a non-formal education format, we are open to everyone’s contribution to the topic discussion.

As the event is open to the public, you are all kindly invited to take part! Looking forward to meeting you there 🙂

Have a nice day!


President of AUNA Euroclub




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