AUNA Euroclub Gender Equality Movie Screening and debate!

So what next? At AUNA Euroclub we are never resting! This Saturday June the 7th between 2 and 4 pm we have planned a new event for all of you to attend! This time the focus is on Gender Equality issues. We will screen a video about the perception of women in the media, with specific attention to commercial campaigns. An open debate will follow, we are looking forward to see you all committed and to hear your opion on this topic! The event will be open to the public. In conclusion of the meeting we will present our movie-survey on Gender Equality.

As a starter and as a food for thought our Euroclub together with AUNA Youth Division is launching a photo campaign that is going to be conducted through all social media! We encourage you to hashtag your own pictures with the #YesAllWomen and/or #YesMenCan

A big thank you goes to the engaged volunteers who posed for our first round! Lots more are coming up this week!




We wish you a nice day, wherever you are,

cheers from Yerevan!

Be active, be aware, be EU!

AUNA Euroclub staff


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