AUNA Euroclub Gender Equality Survey in Armenia and Video sharing

We at AUNA Euroclub would like to thank all the participants and people who showed their interest in our Gender Equality Movie Screening! It was really a very interesting discussion last Saturday at the EU centre! The participants were very active and enthusiastic about the video we screened, so for those of you who missed it but are still interested in the topic, we will share below the link to the video we showed, it’s about the image of women in advertisement and in general in the popular culture:

Please notice it is in 4 parts so if you wish to watch it in its entirety (which we strongly advice) you should click on the following parts!

At the end of the movie we also shared our Gender Equality in Armenia movie survey, it was produced in Armenia through interviews conducted in different Universities in Yerevan and had something to do with commercial campaigns as well!

I hope you will enjoy and share it!

Our commitment doesn’t end here but will continue in the scope of the promotion of Beijing+20 and the campaign of UN women #HeForShe! Follow us on twitter with the hashtag #YesAllWomen and/or #YesMenCan and share your pictures with @UNA_Armenia!

We look forward to meet you all soon at our EU integration vs Eurasian Union debate this Saturday, application is still open at the link:

So don’t forget to apply!

Have a nice day, wherever you are, cheers from AUNA headquarters 🙂


President of AUNA Euroclub!





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